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Vung Tau is an ideal weekend placefor Sai Gon people. You can take one day or 2 days (for some vicinal location). Most people visit there for relaxing, swimming, eating Seafood. 

Beach Vung Tau

Normally, there are two ways go to Vung Tau from Sai Gon.

Hydrofoil: you will be leisurely take a rest on the Saigon River and Can Gio Sea. Although it goes faster, but you have to take the highcost and it isn’t very convenient to take pictures, because the hydrofoil does not stop. From Bach Dang Wharf to go Vung Tau, it takes one hour and 20 minutes to one hour and 45 minutes. You can leave the motorcycle at the wharf with 15.000 VND/ day. At weekends or on the holiday, you will not buy the ticket immediately, so you should buy it one dayearlier. This will help you have a availableticket and not to wait a few hours to take the next trip.


Coach: There are two main bus station, one is a bus station is the Mien Dong Station (5 minutes with a trip), another one Hoa Mai and Thien Phu bus station at Nguyen Thai Binh Street in District 1 Transportation. In Vung Tau, you should take a taxi because Vung Tau also small. Also, you should find and save the phone number of large carters such as Mai Linh or Dau Khi taxi, not to catch a taxi at the strange dock bus station. Travel time is between 3:00 and 3h30 pm.

Hotels in Vung Tau

If you have financial conditions, from 400.000 -1.000.000 VND / night, you can stay at Media Coast (Vung Tau Nursing), The Imperial, My Le, Son Thinh, Sammy Hotel. About Son Thinh hotel, it does not have the reservation but has a stable price throughout the year; there is buffet breakfast, 24-hour room features unlike the other hotel, you have to check out before 12 pm.


Some prestige hotels with the standard of 3- 4 stars such as DicStar or Palace costs about 80$ / day; or else, you can stay at some popular guest-houses at Phan Van Tri Street, at backof Thuy Van Street, the price is between 200.000 – 400.000 but it

To find a cheap guesthouse, you should go into a little bit. There are some guest-houses which cost 150.000 –200.000 VND such as Hoang Kim Hy Hotel, 209/54 Binh Gia, Ward8; Tel: 0979793712, 064.3582287.

Nghinh Phong 064.852478

Bao Viet Guest House 064 3525589

Doi Dua Hotel (beautiful view, 2 star, popular price): 064 3852646

Dien Luc Hotel (looks a bit small at all but just fine): 064 3544544

Son Thinh System 064.523492 (4 hotels at 4 different places)

Motel at 126 Hoang Hoa Tham( Rooms are bright, spacious with wireless system and air conditioning, reasonable price)

Villa in Vung Tau

There are 03 apartments; each apartment has 5 rooms,there are 2 double rooms on ground floor, there are 3 rooms 3 persons with balcony. This used to be a place to welcome former Minister Do Muoi and several other senior officials staying at Long Hai hotel with full service from dining at the spa and massage.

Contact: 064. 38 68 976; 38 68 010 – Ms. Often, Ms. Russia

Double room: Pixel 380.000 VND / room (it can be 300.000 VND discount)

Single room (not in service)

Equipment in the room:  mini refrigerator without drink, TV + slim optical cable, water heater, bath tub, the bed and pillow white, dark red fleece blanket …

Overall, Long Hai Hotel offers relatively good service and provide gentle, fun and cute attitude.

The main transportation in Vung Tau is taxi, pedicab, and electric vehicles (beach front promenade beach). Taxi service is quite good. The mainly sights are temples, Jesus Christ statue. You can swim on the beach, or take the suspension cable at night.


There are some attractive games such as canoe (500.000 VND/ 1 hour), sky driving (350.000 VND/ turn), or dog racing ( on Saturday and Sunday)

Motorbike for rent costs 100.000 VND/ 1 day (  Wave, Dream), you can find out at some motorbike shops at the wharf.

Seafood in Long Son

If you have time, you can visit the Long Son (on the way from Saigon to Vung Tau). Here you have many choices of floating restaurants in Long Son, it is no more interesting than enjoying fresh seafood, sitting the raft with wavelet and cool wind. There are many hammocks and lounge for you to stay. Some famous restaurants in Long Son such as Lam Sung, Cay Dua ( the oyster food is very delicious)

Thanh Phat Restaurant at 334 Tran Phu, Sao Mai area, you will enjoy fresh and cheap seafood. If you want to enjoy seafood at the place near the beach, Tuyet Van or Hong Van Restaurant at Hoang Hoa Tham street will be a good idea .  In addition, you can also eat delicious and famous sea food in Ganh Hao or Le Dung, Bay Giai. The price is quite good. You should not go to some beanery because of cheating.

Vung Tau Tourism

Some suggested address of idea restaurant

Huong Duong Broken Rice: 140 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street (near Market Vung Tau), it hasmany dishes with reasonable price and fairly clean.

Com Nieu vegetables: 83-85 Nguyen Thai Hoc. It is very clean and has many traditional dishes for you to enjoy. 

In the afternoon you can visit Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street, it opens from about 3.00 pm in the afternoon; there area lot of junk food like soup noodles, fried flour..

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