Specialised area opens for sale of Non Nuoc stone sculptures

A specialised area selling stone sculptures from the Non Nuoc stone carving village in Da Nang was officially opened on 1 January 2014.


It is one part of the “Building Trading Areas and Shopping Centres to Develop Tourism” project which has been launched by the city’s authorities. The project aims to ensure the beauty of the urban landscape, the safety of both domestic and foreign visitors, as well as improve the living standards of local residents and further the development of the city’s service sector.

This new specialised area has been established on a section of Truong Sa Street, between the Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa and the T-junction of Non Nuoc and Truong Sa streets. The section boasts many high-end seaside holiday resorts and other services. Most of the sculpture producers in the area have successfully promoted their own brand names, and they all have spacious areas specially designated for visitors.

Thanks to its favourable position on the route between Da Nang and Hoi An, the area is attracting visitors from both home and abroad. Many tourists have already visited to learn about the long history of the Non Nuoc stone carving village. They have been impressed by the quality of the stone sculptures and the civilised way of doing business.

The area will help to meet the increasing demands of visitors for distinctive tourism souvenirs of the city.

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