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Perfume Pagoda is a famous place in the North of Viet Nam. This is group area for temples location dispersedly from the foot of Huong Tich Mountain to peak. Vietnamese usually go to the Perfume Pagoda on the Perfume Pagoda Festival from January to March of the lunar calendar. But you can visit there anytime.

Perfume Pagoda

There are two routes from Hanoi to Perfume Pagoda. You can depart from Nguyen Trai direction to Van Dinh. Then, when you are in Te Tieu, you can ask the way to the Perfume Pagoda. Another way, you should follow in the direction to the National Highway 1A (Phap Van Cau Gie), this road is only for cars, not motorcycles. If you use motorcycle, you go along the National Highway 1A in the direction to Thanh Tri district. Going to Perfume Pagoda, you can absolutely go within a day. For many people living far away from home, they often stay one night before. Arriving Perfume Pagoda, you have to stay in wherry about 1 hour; alongside Perfume River, there are many up-and-down mountain chain with strange shapes. Pitching up Perfume Pagoda, you walk to the Thien Tru Pagoda, next to climbing path to Huong Tich Cave. Choose aerial cable will be quite good if you feel tired.


Many students often choose to go to Perfume Pagoda by bus. The bus stop to Pagoda is old Ha Dong auto car-park at Tran Phu street. Going there is the bus route number 1 or number 2 to Ha Dong. Remember that when you ask the bus driver to stop at the Ha Dong old bus station, so you can catch the bus to Perfume Pagoda.
The bus route No.211 : My Dinh Bus Station – Pham Hung – Khuat Duy Tien – Nguyen Trai – Tran Phu – Quang Trung – National Highway 6 – Ba La Parting- National Highway 21 B – Te Tieu (Town Dai Nghia). So, you can start to catch the bus at My Dinh bus station, or take bus number 1 or 2 run over Nguyen Trai Street and stop at Ha Dong old bus station to catch the ol.
There are also the bus route No.78 : From My Dinh bus station to Te Tieu (Nam Thang Long road , Nguyen Trai, Ba La Parting and Te Tieu), or bus route No.78 departs from Yen Nghia bus station (you can take the bus number 01 and 02 to go to Yen Nghia bus station).

If you go within a day, you should visit Thien Tru Pagoda and Huong Tich Cave. Here are two famous places at the Perfume Pagoda. You can choose to walk or take the aerial cable to reach the peak of Huong Tich Cave. Huong Tich is a cave located in the heart of mountain. There is Buddhism statue, some design works and the decoration like in the pagoda.


The normal price is 40,000 VND /a person for wherry tickets and 50,000 /a person for landscape ticket. The wherry has the largest capacity of 15-20 people; there is the motorboat service also. The aerial cable costs 120,000 VND for 2 sides and 80,000 1 sides.


The food services at Perfume Pagoda in festival season will be very expensive. Alongside the way to Huong Tich, it has many restaurants and souvenir shops. There is a full service for Buddhists along the way up the mountain. At the low season, people often go to Mai Lam restaurant which is reviewed as the best quality food at the Perfume Pagoda (in their assessment). The restaurant offers the car-parking in Yen Stream and the restaurant’s locations is in the foot of the mountain’s road up to Thien Tru.


If you are in conjoint-tour, you have to pay 500,000 VND to 600,000 VND; otherwise you have to pay 1,000,000 VND if you go alone.

Ferfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda Travel  Map

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