Cat Ba Travel Guide – Tips Travel to Cat Ba island

Cat Ba is the largest island which is inHaiPhong. There are many ways of moving to visit Cat Ba. You can combine tourist between Ha Long and Cat Ba (after leaving Halong Bay, you can arrive in Cat Ba by ferry-boat), or between Cat Ba and Haiphong. Some activities in Cat Ba should be suggested such as swimming at Cat Co beach, using yacht around Lan Ha Bay for seeing small and big islands, visiting Monkey Island, going trekking in the Cat Ba National Forest, visiting Vietnam Hai village, and sculling kayak around the mountainous island in the bay, the Than Cong peak is so beautiful.

Cat Ba Travel Guide

Cat Ba tourism experience

If you go there by auto car, the easiest way is to buy a route ticket from Hanoi to Cat Ba by Hoang Long bus (including auto car cost and Hoang Long bus of high-speed train ticket). Besides, you cantake the high-speed ship atBinh wharf. When the auto car arrives at Lac Long Bridge from Ha Noi, you can take off the bus and walk about 5 minutes into Binh wharf. At the wharf, you can buy a ticket of high-speed ship to go Cat Ba Island.

If you go there by motorbike, you can ask how to arrive at Dinh Vu ferry-boat. It takes you about 2 to 2.5 hours to pass by 2 times over the ferry-boat. You can usecar, motorbike, motorcycle or walk through the Dinh Vuferry-boat and NinhTiepwharf, next to Got– CaiViengferry-boat. There are currently 6 large and 6 small ferry-boats which are active with a total of 37 trips / day with the capacity of 2000 guests.  The ferry-boat at Dinh Vu wharf opens at 6:30 and close at 17:00 with the frequency of 1hr /1 trip; the ferry-boat at Got wharf opens at 6:00 am and closes at 18:00with the frequency of 30 minutes/ trip. From the wharfto the center of town, there is about 20km winding road between the sea and the mountain.

Cat Ba island

If you depart from Ha Long, you can go by Tuan Chau ferry-boat, go pass by Ha Long Bay and arrive at Gia Luan wharf. Taking Tuan Chau ferry-boat has some advantages and disadvantages; at the tourism season from May to August, the ferry-boat will be overloaded or long-waiting. If you take with your car, you should go early to line-up the car. On the contrary, you have to wait up to 1-2 ferry-boat  trip and leave your car.

Taking by the conjoint-ship will save time for people who take the tour fromHalongBay to Cat Ba. Because the last Tuan Chau ferry-boat departs to Cat Ba at 15:00, so if you visit the Bay in the afternoon, you will not have a chance for going to Cat Ba on time that means you have to wait the next day. There are two options; firstly, when you are visiting atHalong Bay, you should ask the costif the ship will continue going to Cat Ba. Secondly, if you take theHalong tour, you might ask how to take the conjoint-ship to Cat Ba.

Hotels in Cat Ba

There are 2 tourism seasons in Cat Ba; in low season, the guest-house price is from 150.000 VND to 300.000 VND/ day. During the high-season at the summer-month,the guest house price is from 300.000 VND to 500.000 VND /day. You should ask the price for the hotels in Cat Baby the phone-call first; but in the low season,you just go to the guest-house for asking the price directly.

Ly Huong Hotel (500m from CauCang) .small hotel, reasonable price with the capacity of 4 people per room.MrHieu0977894883

Thuy Duong, at Nui Ngoc Street (500m from CauCang. There are about 40 rooms, with dining halls. The price is between 600.000 and 800.000 at the weekend. 01687991908.

PhuThanh, 20 room, 0973636878.

Hoang Ngoc hotel, near Holiday View hotel.

My Ngoc Hotel, 031.3888422 // 3888199 – Fax: (84) 031.3888199.

ThuyAnh 0912237980 or 0313888132

Sea Dragon 0313 887 468.

My Tea 0313 888 650.

Dung Ha Hotel, 15 Nui Ngoc (suitable for small group of tourist from 10-20 people, maybe 6 people each room) 500.000 – 700.000 VND per night at the weekend.

Note: The hotel price at the weekend is from 600.000 to  800.000 VND (in the high-season), low season is about 350.000 VND per room ( a half-price in the comparison with the high-season)


About the bowl in Cat Ba, there are many options in town, you just ask about price before eating. You should not eat directly at the fish cage, because the price is so high. There is a seafood restaurant with the reasonable price which is near the Holiday view, on the way to Cat Co beach.

In the afternoon,  if you like beer, there are some street-beer shop near Harbor market, drinking beer with peanuts andfermented pork roll(Nemchua) is also quite tasty. If you want to eat with cheap and popularprice ,you can go to the nearest market, the food and drinks will be cheaper.

cat ba beach

The sight-seeing places

Visit Lan Ha Bay and Monkey Island (Monkey Island). If you go with the crowd, you should hire a private ship to walk around the Bay, visit to the Viet Hai village, then taking a bath and climbing at Monkey Island.The rental ship is around 1.200.000 VND to 1.600.000 VN, depending on the place where you go to. If you go single, you should catch a trip of motorcycle taxi which costs 15.000 – 20.000and lead you into Beo wharf. You have to buy a sightseeing ticket and rent a boat engine to Monkey Island. You should bring bathing suits or something you need. You should also ask for rent motorbike at the shop, not at the hotel.

If taking motorcycle or bicycle, you can visit Quan Y Cave and walk in the forest to find out Cat Ba National Park. Driving motorcycle around the island or stopping at a beach or somewhere nice on the island is a good idea. Roads on the island areasphalt; you can use the map to travel around the island.

You just walk around the island in the evening, you can go to the bridge of harbor  for enjoying the drink and taking the air; you can also watch the sea beach at night, but you should come back early. In addition you can also refer to the service of fishing and ink-fishing at night.

The adventure tour in Cat Ba: you can scull kayaking in Lan Ha Bay, hiking in the Bay. You can find out information about Kayak tour at some tourist information desk in the center of town; or more simply, you go toBeo wharffor asking about the Kayak rental place.


cat ba island

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